Odd Even Betting – Common Mistakes and Experience You Need to Know

When participating in betting, one of the common types of bets that players often encounter is the odd-even bet. This is a fairly popular type of bet and is favored by many players because of its simplicity and ease of understanding. In this article, we will together dealer New88sg Learn about how to play odd even odds, how to calculate, place bets and some useful experiences when participating in betting.

Detailed description of odd-even odds

This is not only a popular choice but also brings interesting opportunities to win bets. Let’s learn more about the concept, how to read and calculate this bet:

Concept of odd even odds

Odd even bet is a popular type of bet in betting, especially in soccer matches. When participating in betting, players will bet on whether the final score of the match is even or odd. 

How to read odd even odds

When viewing this bet on betting sites, you will see numbers displayed in pairs, for example: 1.85 – 1.85. The number on the left usually represents an even bet, while the number on the right usually represents an odd bet. Players will choose one of these two options to bet.

For example, if the match between Vietnam and Liverpool has the final score of 2-1, the total number of goals is 3 (odd number), if you bet on odd odds and the odds are 1.85, you will receive corresponding bonus if guessed correctly.

How to calculate odd even bets in betting

Odds calculation formula

To calculate odd even bet, you just need to determine whether the final score of the match is even or odd. Then, see the odds offered by the house and place bets as you wish.

For example: If you bet 100,000 VND on even odds with a ratio of 1.85 and the final score of the match is 2-0 (total number of goals is even), you will receive 185,000 VND if you guess correctly.

How to bet on odd even odds

Step 1: Select the match you want to bet on

First, you need to select the match you want to bet on and determine whether you want to bet on even or odd odds.

Step 2: Determine the amount you want to bet in the match

You need to determine the amount you want to bet. Remember not to set more than you can accept to avoid unwanted risks.

Step 3: Confirm bet

Finally, after determining the match and bet amount, you just need to confirm the bet and wait for the results.

How to apply odd even odds in betting

To apply this bet most effectively, you need to pay attention to choosing matches, analyzing the teams’ form, as well as other factors such as the absence of key players and the health of the team. , competition conditions, etc.
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Share playing experiences from experts

Applying experience to placing bets will help you optimize profits as well as increase your chances of winning the bet. Helps minimize the risk of losing money when betting.

Read odds and analyze the match

Reading the odds accurately and analyzing the match is an important factor to help you make the right decision when playing odd-even odds. Take the time to research information about the match, the teams’ form, as well as other factors that can affect the results.

Effective capital management

Capital management is an important factor to help you maintain long-term betting activities. Determine a fixed budget for betting and adhere to the principle of not exceeding the set budget.

Track results and summarize experiences

After each match, monitor the results and learn from the decisions made. This helps you better understand how to play and thereby improve your betting skills.

Common mistakes when playing

The following are mistakes that even veteran players will often make:

Bet based on emotions

One of the common mistakes when playing this bet is betting based on emotions, not based on any analysis. This can lead to uncontrolled loss of money.

Betting excessively

Overconfidence can cause you to bet too much, beyond your financial capacity. Always remember that betting is a game of chance and you can always lose.

Not mastering knowledge

Not mastering the knowledge of how to play is also a common mistake when participating in betting. Take the time to learn and improve your knowledge before placing a bet.


Above is some information about how to play odd even odds, how to calculate, place bets and some useful experiences when participating in betting. Hopefully this article will help you better understand this type of bet and gain more experience when participating in betting. 

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