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Buffer is an innovative social media scheduling platform, but the team behind it also publishes an outstanding blog to demonstrate its use. Their posts are clear and easily understood, covering topics like social media analytics and how to maximize Instagram feed performance – not forgetting the occasional giveaway!

Buffer makes creating and posting content easy. Simply add up to 10 accounts (in the free version), write updates, choose which profiles to post them on (along with times of day and target profiles), write out updates to send directly or add them to a queue so they will automatically post over time.

Buffer offers an image editor for uploading photos and videos, as well as a selection of recommended hashtags to help find the ideal ones for your audience. Unfortunately, the service does not contain monitoring tools to monitor mentions, searches and hashtags so if this is important to you you will need an external monitoring solution or simply monitor networks directly.

To create a post, select your account on the left sidebar and then “Compose.” From here you can add text, links or multimedia. Afterward, choose which time of day and month your post should go live; an event calendar will show when this will happen; additionally you can always edit its publication schedule at any point in time.

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Once your posts have been scheduled, a week- or month-long calendar of your content schedule can be seen on the left of the screen. This allows you to assess whether you are publishing enough or too much material and identify dates when changes may benefit from being made in terms of posting frequency or timing.

Premium accounts can gain even more insight into how their posts are performing with the full Analyze tool, including data such as post reach, engagement rate and follower growth rates. You can compare performance of different posts or topics. Furthermore, you can examine which content has performed the best or worst overall–for instance which types of post types your audience prefers and when they typically engage.

Buffer understands that not every post will be an instantaneous hit, yet their approach to creating content serves as an excellent model for other companies. Many of their articles have been shared thousands of times and helped market the company. Buffer has also perfected using their blog as an avenue for sharing all aspects of company culture; something any business can learn from.

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