Fortnite Best Drop Locations in Chapter 5 Season 1

Fortnite Chapter 5 totally switched things up with a fresh map full of cool spots, brand-new places with some challenging NPCs, and this super-fast train that zips past all the named locations. Plus, there are tons of secret stuff to find! 

Choosing where to land is key if you wanna snag the best gear early on to outlast the storm and nail that victory royale. If you end up in some empty spot with hardly any loot, your chances of getting knocked out early are way higher than if you pick a prime landing spot.

Before diving into the details, don’t forget to pick up a Fortnite V Bucks gift card from Buy your favorite skins and flex them after you grab that sweet Victory Royale. Here’s a casual rundown of the five best places to land in Fortnite Chapter 5 for top-tier loot and to gear up for that sweet Victory Royale.

5. The Train

The train in Chapter 5 is a super cool addition, offering a unique twist on where to land. Unlike the usual static spots, this train is always on the move, cruising around the island and stopping by all the main locations.

The train has 4 basic chests and a vault that you’ve got to hack for some top-notch loot to start off your game. Plus, you can grab your loot and hop off at any spot you like. It’s like pulling off a mini heist on the go! But it’s a double-edged sword – it’s as risky as it is rewarding because it’s a hot spot for many players looking for a great start.

4. Ruined Reels

Ruined Reels is a great spot to drop because it’s right in the middle of the map, so you don’t have to stress about the storm circle for quite some time. It also has the most chests compared to all other locations, allowing you to quickly equip yourself with the best loot at the start of the match. 

Sure, it might get busy with other players, but if you play it smart and find the right angles, you can totally take on squads and come out on top.

3. The Marigold

Marigold is one of the most stunning spots on the whole game map. This huge yacht belongs to the society and is situated near Pleasant Plaza. It is one of the best places to kick off your match. 

The decks of the yacht are loaded with loot chests, and if you head down to the lower deck, you’ll find a vault packed with guaranteed epic or legendary loot. The best part? Opening the vault is a breeze since no NPC boss is guarding it.

2. Grand Glacier

Grand Glacier is an awesome spot in the game, known for having one of the best mystic auto rifles around, the Montague’s Mythic Nemesis AR. This hotel, owned by the society, is nestled in the mountainous region of the game. 

The rooms of the hotel are filled with chests, a vault filled with gold, and an upgrade table. Plus, there’s always a guaranteed car parked at the back of the hotel, so if you find yourself in a tight spot after dropping in, you’ve got a ready escape plan.

1. Fencing Fields

Fencing Field is hands down the best drop spot on our list because it’s got everything you need to get your match started right. This place is a vineyard loaded with Flowberries, which boosts your shield and gives you this cool no-gravity effect for a bit. Plus, there’s a Slurp Truck nearby to fully max out your shield after you land. 

This area is also a part of the society, so you’ll need to take on their henchmen and Nisha (NPC Boss) to snatch the medallion and unlock the vault. It’s a bit of a challenge, but totally worth it.

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